Turkish Real Estate Law

Our specialist Turkish real estate lawyers advises businesses for various legal, contractual and regulatory matters in Turkey as well as construction licenses and major projects

Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm has a well-known practice in the area of Real Estate and Construction Law in Turkey and is currently advising to a wide range of domestic and international clients in their needs arising from one single transaction to a big scale project.

We involve in every aspect of Turkish real estate and construction law in Turkey. The legal services we provide including but not limited to counseling and representation during all the phases of project development, construction, sale, and purchase of real estate properties and we represent owners, tenants, developers as well as investors, contractors, surveyors, architects, builders, engineers, and planners.

Our overall real estate and construction law practice encompass all aspects of commercial and residential real estate purchases and sales. Particularly, we have a portfolio of a client who are foreign institutional and individual investors investing in the Turkish real estate market. Our services to such investor clients including but not limited to the following:

Advising during the purchase of a Real Estate in Turkey including commercial and residential properties

As Cosar & Akkaya we assist our clients from A to Z in purchasing property within Turkey. Particularly, for our foreigner clients, we carry out all the steps in Turkey and advise as required on the procedures as a foreigner or Turkish enterprises with foreign capital in Turkey.

Real Estate Due Diligence in Turkey for commercial and residential properties

As Cosar & Akkaya we carry out investigation and prepare a complete due diligence report including but not limited to information about the legal status of the chosen property whether the title deed is clean, or any restrictions or lawsuits exists regarding the property.

Our services include but not limited to the following:

  • Providing legal advice in relation to purchasing a property in Turkey
  • Provide a legal due diligence report to the clients.
  • Reviewing the sale contract, amend and negotiate with the seller/agency/dealer
  • Attend to the transfer of the title deed on behalf of the client.
  • Provide oral and written answers to the Client’s questions during the process


Our real estate expert lawyers also assist our clients to get a valuation report from the authorized institution registered with the Turkish Board of Capital Market and explain/evaluate this report from a legal perspective.

Obtaining Construction Licenses

We have an experienced team who are quite successful working with other experts such as engineers and others in the construction license applications before Municipalities and as well as filing objection cases against the Administrative authorities for the unlawful rejections of the applications.

Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm also provides advice on liquidation of business entities with real property assets, rental agreements, sale agreement, preliminary sales contracts, checking conformity of projects with environmental legislation, real estate financing, acquisition agreements, sales agreements and promise to sell agreements, lease agreements, obtaining the construction licenses and the occupancy licenses, opening and operating licenses, carrying out all necessary transactions before the governmental authorities for such licenses, mortgage agreements, construction servitude agreements, construction agreements, building management agreements, project management agreements such as management agreements of the shopping centers, licensing agreements, brokerage agreements, and construction agreement with respect to the construction of building in return for the ownership of the relevant land.

Real Estate Disputes

We advise our clients all disputes arising real estate and construction law in Turkey including our foreign clients who are encountering with problems in their Real Estate Investments in Turkey. Our lawyers pursue all legal procedures related to real estate disputes including negotiating, mediation, execution for debt, and lawsuits.

Cosar & Akkaya has a range of clients in the real estate industry, including domestic and foreign investors, and also has experience in providing consultancy services to foreign real persons and companies with foreign shareholders who would like to acquire or sell real estate in Turkey pursuant to Turkish Real Estate Law.


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