Turkish Corporate Law

We offer legal expertise on a wide range of Turkish corporate law matters, including setting up a business, venture capital, joint ventures and mergers and acquisition

Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm has a very well-known corporate practice advising on a full range of corporate transactions, share purchases, partnership, joint-venture agreements and daily corporate needs both to international and domestic clientele from the perspective of Turkish Corporate Law. We are advising in many complex transactions as a Turkish M&A Lawyers and have recently been advising to a group of international clients on several M&A transactions both on buyers’ side and sellers’ side.

We have a pragmatic and commercial approach with a focus to reach the desired outcome of our clients. We are mainly helping both international and domestic clients to start, grow or expand their business in the jurisdiction of Turkey with our depth expertise in Turkish Corporate Law. This help comes at all stages of the corporate life cycle, from incorporation, incubation and start-up, through to development and expansion activities, right the way through to exit by way of trade sale or beyond. Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm’s corporate work also encompasses related issues such as government permits, incentives and employment of personnel from overseas in terms of obtaining Work Permits from Ministry of Work and Social Security.

As experts in Turkish Corporate Law, our legal service includes all of our Clients most important corporate needs, whether that involves mergers, acquisitions or some other complex strategic transactions. In an increasingly global corporate environment, our expertise in cross-border transactions is particularly well-established. Our overriding goal is to provide innovative solutions for the issues that arise in our clients’ transactions through a highly collaborative approach that draws on our broad and deep areas of expertise in representing corporations. For this reason, one of our founding mottos appears as ‘’law, less tradition’’.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) in Turkey

Our portfolio of work also involves acting on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the context of Turkish Corporate Law, the restructuring of corporate entities and the hiving-off of unprofitable sections. With our strong communication and negotiation skills and the academic background, we have the ability to think ‘out-of-the-box’ with analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail. In M&A transactions, as Turkish M&A Lawyers, we attend the negotiation phase on behalf of our Clients and prepare draft documentation in association with client’s various accountants, financial advisors and managerial representatives. We also prepare due-diligence reports by checking on debts, employees, ownership details and existing liabilities of the target companies. We finalise the deal with all involved parties, getting necessary approvals through resolutions at board meetings, and completing registration and other formalities wherever necessary.

Other Services in Turkish Corporate Law:

We advise corporations and their officers, directors, and controlling shareholders with respect to the formation, governance, and day-to-day legal problems of their entities pursuant to Turkish Corporate Law. We advise in such diverse matters as the proper conduct of the ordinary or extra-ordinary general assemblies and board of directors; shareholder agreements relating to board representation and voting rights; compliance with laws and regulations affecting the client’s particular industry; commercial contracts with the corporation’s customers and suppliers; the corporation’s sales of assets; relations with the corporation’s accountants and other relevant professionals; the structure of the corporation’s joint ventures; communications with the corporation’s stockholders, creditors, and customers.


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