Turkish IT Law

Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm has a very well-known Information Technology Law practice provided both to international and domestic clientele. We advise companies in respect to Turkish IT Law covering both transactional and litigation work in Turkey. We assist our clients to structure IT transactions in a way that maximizes the clients’ best interest. In addition, we represent our clients before Turkish Courts or arbitrators if a dispute arises with respect to information technology pursuant to the Turkish IT Law.

We have a pragmatic and commercial approach with a focus to reach the desired outcome of our clients. We are mainly helping both international and domestic clients to start, grow, or expand their business in the jurisdiction of Turkey with our depth expertise in Turkish IT Law. This help comes at all stages of the life cycle, from incubation and start-up, through to development and expansion activities.

We advise our clients in Turkish IT Law on the aspects of software licensing issues, data privacy and security, e-commerce, e-money, licensing, software procurement, services agreements, registered electronic mail, secured electronic signature, mobile applications including the regulatory and compliance matters. Our Turkish IT Law Department works closely with our IT consultants when providing legal advice, something which in itself presupposes knowledge of advanced technical issues.

Any type of online business operation requires a consultancy from a Turkish IT Law perspective as such activities are affected by information technology laws. We have been representing some major domestic and international clients in the e-Commerce and Payment Systems sectors in which we direct various regulatory compliance projects.

How Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm assist IT Companies in providing services in Turkey?

Information technology is a fast-paced area in which laws and regulations are constantly developing. It is one of the areas in which the regulations must be understood as many IT services in Turkey involves strict regulation of government. The responsibilities and rights of IT service providers must be well understood before any contractual obligation is taken. IT companies who involve in the provision of services within the sectors including but not limited to banking, finance, e-commerce, payment services, and e-money are subject to regulations.

As Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm, we clarify for our IT service provider clients their obligations and rights arising from the projects and work involved which will provide in return an awareness and readiness for them about a potential administrative or civil dispute. Turkish IT law involves much recent judgment and administrative actions which must be known by the IT service provider before any contractual obligation is taken.

Our overriding goal is to provide innovative solutions for the issues that arise in our clients’ work through a highly collaborative approach that draws on our broad and deep areas of expertise in representing IT companies in Turkey. 

For this reason, one of our founding mottos appears as ‘’law, less tradition’’.

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