Turkish Retail & Consumer Law

Our specialist Turkish lawyers provide legal services to retail sector companies for various legal, contractual and regulatory matters in Turkey

Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm has a well-known practice in the area of Retail and Consumer Law in Turkey and is currently advising to a wide range of clients in different sectors particularly in compliance matters. We frequently advise our clients in their needs to comply with the obligations arising from Turkish retail and consumer regulations and represent them through mediation and litigation processes in Turkey.


The main piece of primary legislation in the field of retail and consumer law in Turkey - “Law on Regulation of Retail Trade numbered 6585”- has been entered into force back in 2015. The main objectives of this Law on Regulation of Retail Trade was explained as;

  • facilitating the opening and operating processes of retail businesses,
  • ensuring that retail trade is carried out in accordance with effective and sustainable competitive conditions in a free market environment,
  • protection of consumers,
  • ensuring the balanced growth and development of retail businesses and regulating the activities of retail businesses and their relations with each other, manufacturers and suppliers.


Some of the important legislations on Turkish Retail and Consumer Law including but not limited to the following:

  • Law on Regulation of Retail Trade numbered 6585
  • Regulation on Principles and Rules in Retail Trade
  • Law on the protection of Consumer numbered 6502
  • Regulation on Hire Purchase Agreement
  • Regulation on Distance Contracts


At Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm, we understand the specific needs of the retail and consumer products industries. We represent a broad spectrum of clients in the retail and consumer product industries in relation to the conflicts arising from the Turkish retail and consumer law. Different industries  including but not limited to the department stores, cosmetics, food and beverage, consumer electronics and other consumer products companies, as well as investors in these sectors, across Turkey and globe. Our advice is including but not limited to the following:

  • Intellectual property and brand protection
  • Marketing and advertising including social media
  • Franchising E-commerce
  • Product packaging and labelling
  • Corporate transactions (mergers, acquisitions, dispositions) and tax
  • Commercial agreements
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity
  • Logistics, supply and distribution
  • Licensing
  • Product regulation and compliance
  • Patent prosecution and litigation
  • Health and safety regulation and litigation
  • Consumer product litigation
  • Real estate transactions.


The new Retail Information System (PERBIS)

The retail information system is defined by the Law on Retail and Consumer Law as “an electronic information system that enables the application and other transactions required for the opening, activity and closing of retail businesses and to be concluded from this single center.”

The retail information system is expected to provide serious convenience to businesses and consumers in the retail industry. It aims to provide survellience in relation to the unlicensed businesses, and bringing a centralised and cost effective system which in turn saves businesses from the complicated proceedings involved in applying for permission to open and operate. Yet, the establishment of the PERBIS has not completed and details are expected to be established with the secondary regulations. As Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm, we are following the developments in the field and will be ready to carry out the transition of our clients to the new system.


As Cosar & Akkaya, we provide fast, affordable and convenient legal services on the Retail and Consumer Law. Our legal services also include preparing contracts, managing contract resolutions, managing negotiations Retail and Consumer Law issues, pursuing mediation process and resolving various types of litigation cases.

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