Contract Law

We offer an expertise legal services on a wide range of Turkish contract law matters for many different industries

Foreign companies who have dealings in Turkey are usually seeking advice in Turkish Contract Law from our İstanbul and London offices. It is very important to have an expert guidance in contractual dealings in which Turkish Contract Law is applicable.

All types of corporations inherently deal with contracts as with many transactions involve purchase or sale of goods or services. A well-drafted contract is a key in the success of the business. A well-drafted contract is a composite of many provisions, dealing with an enormous variety of matters, whether expected or unexpected. Any contract is not just a compilation of its provisions, but the reflection of a number of functional, strategical and business decisions. Therefore; during the negotiation phase, the standard provisions must be informatively adapted to the circumstances of the subject matter transaction.

How we can help you and your business

Our Turkish Contract Law Department at Cosar & Akkaya Law Firm is highly experienced at negotiating, drafting and also concluding contracts. We understand our clients’ expectations from the very beginning to reach the expected outcome.

Dispute resolutions / Contract Disputes

Along with drafting contracts reflecting the needs of our clients,  reviewing and negotiating contracts we also advise on contracts disputes which may include breach of contract, applicable remedies for breach of contract, void and enforceable contracts, termination of the contracts and all related contract dispute resolutions including negotiating, mediation, execution for debt and lawsuit.

Mediation for Contract Disputes

In Turkey, a new legislation which came into effect on 1 January 2019 is introduced providing mandatory mediation as a prerequisite for commercial disputes (including contract disputes) before pursuing the dispute via the Turkish courts.

As Cosar & Akkaya, we pursue a mandatory or optional mediation process as it provides a time and cost-efficient alternative dispute resolution method our clients. 

Our Contract Lawyers advise on the following areas;

We also draft contracts procedures, we audit contract system in a company, we draft standard clauses to be placed to the current contracts, we conduct training seminars for contract or procurement personnel pursuant to Turkish Contract Law.

On the wide range of contracts required to operate a business effectively in Turkey, our Turkish Contract Law department will be able to draft and advise on a full range of contracts, including the following: Purchase and Sale Agreements, Equipment Sales Agreement, Product Development Agreement, Transportation Services Agreement, Profit Sharing Agreement, Agency Agreement, Electrical Services Agreement, Non Solicitation Agreement, E-commerce contract, distance sales contract, Travel Agency Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Venture Agreement, Car Lease Agreement, House Rental Lease Agreement, Retainer Agreement, Property Management Agreement, Commercial Lease Agreement, Rental Property Lease Agreement, Real Estate Purchase Agreement, any cross-border commercial transaction agreement, IT Services Contracts, licensing and outsourcing contracts as well as franchising, distribution and other types of procurement arrangements, Manufacturing Contracts, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Compete Agreement, Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement, Letter of Intent templates, Payment Agreement Revenue Sharing Contracts, Subscription Agreement, Advertising Agreement, Service Provision Agreements, Facility Management Agreements, Rental Contracts, Construction Agreements, User Contracts , Restaurant Partnership Agreement, Waiver Agreement, Money Transfer Agreement, Stock Purchase Agreement, Settlement Agreement, Consulting Agreement, Car Sale Agreement, Debt Settlement Agreement, Sales Commission Agreement, etc.

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