How to get Turkish citizenship?

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We are assisting our foreign clients who are interested to apply Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship can be acquired either by (i) birth, (ii) marriage, (iii) being resident in Turkey for 5 years or (iv) by investment.

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Turkish citizenship is regulated under Law on Turkish Citizenship Nr. 5901. One of the objectives of this Turkish Citizenship Law is to define the procedures for acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

It is clearly indicated under Article 5 of Turkish citizenship law that Turkish citizenship can be obtained by birth or after birth.

Turkish citizenship by birth is obtained by (i) place of birth and/or (ii) descent.  A person born to a Turkish mother or through a Turkish father within the unity of marriage either in Turkey or abroad is a Turkish citizen.

Turkish citizenship shall also be acquired after birth through the decision of relevant authority.

A foreigner who would like to obtain a Turkish citizenship can acquire Turkish citizenship through an application provided that s/he fulfills the conditions stated under Article 11 of Turkish Citizenship Law Nr. 5901.

A foreigner who apply to Turkish citizenship shall

  1. be in the age of majority and have the capacity to act either according to his/her own national law or, if he/she is stateless, according to Turkish law
  2. have been resident in Turkey without interruption for five years preceding the date of his/her application
  3. verify his/her determination to settle down in Turkey with his/her manners
  4. have no disease constituting an obstacle in respect of public health,
  5. be of good moral character,
  6. be able to speak a sufficient level of Turkish,
  7. have income or profession to provide for maintenance for himself/herself and his/her dependants in Turkey,
  8. have nothing constituting an obstacle in respect of national security and public order.

For a foreigner, residence shall refer to residing in Turkey in conformity with the Turkish laws. Therefore; a foreigner who applies for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship may stay abroad without exceeding six months within the residence period required for the application.

Turkish citizenship shall not automatically be acquired by marriage with a Turkish citizen. Foreigners who have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years and whose marriage still continues can apply for the Turkish citizenship. The applicants shall fulfill the conditions mentioned below;


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